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Forum > Timp liber > Escobar

Pagina: 1


4 mesaje


scris pe 5 mar 2013 11:33 de AndreeaPops


4 mesaje

Re: Escobar

scris pe 15 mar 2013 16:48 de AndreeaPops


4 mesaje

Re: Escobar

scris pe 22 mar 2013 13:56 de AndreeaPops

Episoadele ce urmeaza in weekend!

Cap 17
July Motoa is concerned that there is a witness in the United States that has information about the illegal business of Peter. Gonzalo is responsible for conducting business in Nicaragua along with Fabio. United States sends a statement in which he claims that the Medellin cartel is allied with the group Sandinista Nicaragua, and the tests are the photos taken by the pilot who works for Paul, this news is already in the public domain by the newspaper The Spectator already been published. Paul continues to finance the guerrilla group for the plan you have to take the courthouse, but also calls a police colonel to alert them of this fact. The guerrilla group led by Norberto take the courthouse. The security forces arrive with tanks to try to retake the building, this confrontation lasts until the night where a big fire takes place in the building. Paul is a bit quieter because of the extradition proceedings and criminal proceedings against him, that are inside the palace that is destroyed. 'Chili' in the U.S. is hiring men to murder Harry, the pilot who betrayed Paul with photos.
The guerrilla group takes the Courthouse, being almost in ruins, killing between civilian, police, guerrillas and the judges of the Court of Justice. The Life of Harry the pilot is in danger of death.

Cap 18
Harry is murdered, and Paul no longer has the key witness to formalize the process. The police sets a trap for Herbert, but he manages to escape. Judge Gustavo Zuluaga speaks with the wife of one of the police officers who killed, Paul to face justice. Colonel Jairo Jimenez is awarded by the U.S. government for its fight against drug dealing in Colombia. One of the judges who are handling the case of the murder of Rodrigo Lara is killed by cartel members, while Zuluaga received a death threat at home. Jairo Marcos is after Herbert near the farm where he rests with a group of cops ready to catch him, but he manages to escape in time on a boat.
Several judges are being killed for their involvement in criminal Pablo Escobar. Mark Herbert manages to elude the police with the help of one of the security men of Escobar.
Pagina: 1

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